Set Shop Photography Tutorials

Some young photographers, many who are just starting out on their photographic journey, get so hung up on not having the equipment they feel they must have to create the photographs they want to make, become paralyzed. Paralyzed to the point of not making images but worrying about the equipment they think they need instead.

One of the great things about still life photography is the ability to take a Mulligan. In golf, a Mulligan means you can redo a shot and not take the penalty stroke for having done so. Not only can you redo a still life photograph at a later time, but you can also leave a photograph (or an element of a photograph) set up for days as you think about or work on it.

No matter how free wheeling your shooting style is, no matter how creatively you like to dance around with your camera in your hand as you create your images, the simple fact is this: If you subject does not move then there is good reason that your camera should not have to move either during the image capture part of the process!

This tutorial is about choosing accessories and props to enforce the concept and message a studio photographer is trying to make. Importantly, it does not deal primarily with choices about cameras, lenses, lights, or other photographic equipment, but instead it deals with the choices a photographer must make about choosing and finding the props needed to make a photograph a success.